Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

How would you feel if your business had so many customers you would have to turn them down? Marketing automation will redefine the way you generate leads.

For decades marketing and sales have been straightforward. Create a great product. Hire smart people. Invest in traditional marketing channels and see orders roll in. With a little luck, you could repeat the process until it was no longer profitable.

The internet turned this model upside down.

Why use marketing automation?

The marketing landscape has changed. There are hundreds of channels and ways to use them. Digital marketing is complex and fragmented. It’s a minefield that many companies are unprepared to cross.

There is a bright side to complexity. The latest marketing tools can grow your sales, free up your time and help reach your customers in new ways. Smart use of technology turns many small companies into success stories.

This is how successful businesses set up their online lead generation:

  1. Get online traffic
  2. Build landing pages
  3. Convert traffic into leads
  4. Nurture leads until they are ready to buy
  5. Close sales
  6. Analyse and improve

marketing automation blueprint

Taking care of every step is tricky without a big budget and a large team.

What if you could automate lead generation, and only concentrate on closing the sales?

Marketing automation is the best way to generate more leads. Automated marketing funnel frees up the time, money and people you need to run your business. More importantly, you can scale automation to grow your sales.

B2B marketers say the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads. – Pepper Global “Marketing Automation Trends Report 2014”

Finally, nothing beats knowing that your business is growing even when you are relaxing with a book on a sunny afternoon.

In one of my companies I grew sales by 1500% in six months by automating lead generation and nurturing. You can too.[spacer]

Is marketing automation only for big companies?

Marketing automation used to be so complex that only Fortune 500 companies could afford it. Over 60% firms using marketing automation had revenue of $500m+. You needed heavy software and a team of consultants to make it stick.

There are 11 times more companies automating their marketing now than four years ago. Today even single entrepreneurs can let their lead generation machine run on autopilot.

Affordable tools like Autopilot, Instapage and Archie can get the job done on a budget. Simple automated actions need no coding skills. They can be built into sophisticated sequences that will make your campaigns smarter.[spacer]

What marketing areas can be automated?

You can automate almost anything. Not everything should be.

There are three main areas that will have the most impact on your sales:

  1. Generating web traffic
  2. Converting traffic into leads
  3. Nurturing leads until they are ready to buy

The goal is to set up a system that will keep finding and nurturing new leads as you sleep.

The outcome should not only be getting more leads than ever. You will get leads that are already warmed up and ready to buy. Around the clock, without lifting a finger.[spacer]

Marketing automation example

Your business is struggling. You run online ads, but the clicks are too expensive and you see few conversions. You spend most of your time looking for clients, instead of pleasing the ones you already have.

Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Find the best sources of paid traffic in your niche, e.g. Facebook or AdWords
  2. Create campaign messaging and build 3-5 landing page variations
  3. Set up 3-5 ad variations for each landing page
  4. Set up automatic lead nurturing for a period of 4-6 weeks. Create unique weekly nurture messages for different lead types
  5. Turn on the ad campaigns and start capturing leads
  6. Analyse the results and leave the ad/landing page combinations that have the best ROI

You now have a simple and fully automatic system that captures leads and nurtures them for 4-6 weeks. You only step in when the leads are ready to buy. What will you do with all the extra time and money?[spacer]

By now you should be excited and ready to automate your business. The next part of this blog will help you set up your first marketing automation campaigns.

David Blinov


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