How to Make People Want to Buy From You

How to Make People Want to Buy From You

Hong Kong’s Canton Road is famous for luxury fashion. Retailers like Chanel sell exclusive designer handbags. But you cannot just walk in. You have to line up at the entrance. Then a shop assistant comes by and asks what you’ll be looking at in the store. The wait isn’t too long, and the assistants are pleasant. You enter the store and are happy to finally browse a very limited range of bags.

chanel store lines

You find something you like and feel privileged to finally hold it. You have to be quick, people in line can’t come into the store until you’ve finished. You take a deep breath and buy a bag at a price that could buy a car. The shop assistants thank you and you leave proudly, amidst the admiration of the people in line.

Only a few minutes away are plenty of stores full of handbags. A shopkeeper stands on the street outside his empty stores, shouting about how his stock is on sale. People try to ignore his desperation, changing the side of the street as they walk by.

The handbags in both these stores aren’t that different. The original Chanel bags cost a bit more to make and would last a bit longer, but it’s essentially the same product.

There is, of course, one huge difference – the price. The brand store bags cost 100 times more than the street store bags. Yet it’s the expensive one people line up for, while the cheaper one remains unsold. Why, and how to make people want to buy from you?[spacer]

People don’t buy what other people want to sell. They buy what other people want to buy.

We buy cars and clothes that other people want. We eat at restaurants that others go to. We cheer for sports teams that others adore. Yet most companies make the mistake of showing us how badly they want to sell us something. They lower their prices. They run monthly sales. They talk about being cheaper than the competition.

Consultants take on any clients they can get without setting any boundaries. They work late at night and get paid late. Everything about them screams “I will do anything for your business”.

The more you do that, the more you turn people off. 

Your business doesn’t feel exclusive or sought after. Your product doesn’t make customers feel special or appreciated. You are in a desperate search for the next paying customer.[spacer]

How to make people want to buy from you?

The key is in celebrating the customers you already have. Hold their success above all. Make them feel like rock stars.

Don’t spend all your resources looking for new customers. Instead of ending the project and looking for the next customer, take the time to care for the one who just bought from you. Make them feel good about the experience and give them more than they expected. Build the relationship instead of ending it.

When people feel good about buying from you, they will tell other people. Then other people will want to buy from you too. When people want to buy from you, your business skyrockets.

David Blinov


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